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Ing. Jaroslav Mareček

Executive Director, AWT - exclusive distributor of GoPro for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

“We have been using TaxVision’s highly professional accounting services for many years and are very satisfied. We value above all diligence, impeccability, accounting expertise, willingness, and reliability. Compared to other accounting firms we have used in the past, TaxVision is the number one in this field!”

Mgr. Martin Tobiáš

Chief Executive Officer, Agency of seven Branches

“The services provided are consistently of a high standard. Based on our years of experience working with TaxVision, we can unequivocally only recommend them!”

Jan Martínek

Executive Director, Vice-Chairman, CODA Innovations s.r.o.

“What we appreciate about working with TaxVision is the comprehensiveness of services, friendliness to clients, professional expertise, and communication. We have only good experiences, we recommend them.”

Lenka Ferencakova

Finance controller, CPL Jobs, s.r.o.

“We are glad to have chosen TaxVision, s.r.o. to manage our accounting and payroll agenda. We especially appreciate the smooth handling of work tasks, flexibility, quick communication, and helpful approach. We look forward to further cooperation.”

Ing. Petr Pavelek MSc.

Managing director, REAM Group s.r.o

“I have been working with TaxVision on various projects for more than 10 years. I am comfortable with the long-term cooperation with the team of people from TaxVision, who know our company and do not need to be explained about our business repeatedly. I really appreciate the people at TaxVision, who do high-quality work, not only in bookkeeping, but also in dealing with related tax issues and can provide qualified advice.”

Jiří Gajdošík

Executive Director, Tasty Solutions s.r.o.

“Our company deals with the operation of restaurants, bars, and other gastro activities. TaxVision s.r.o. offers us everything under one roof. From accounting to tax consultancy and cooperation with governmental authorities. We are extremely satisfied with our cooperation with TaxVision.”

Jan Blažek

Board member, Duhovka Group, a.s.

“We have been cooperating with TaxVision for 8 years in the field of accounting and tax consultancy. During this time, I must greatly appreciate their precise and constructive approach. Thanks to that, we have the finances of all 6 companies belonging to our Duhovka educational group under control and we can focus on its further development.”

Jaromír Matoušek

Executive Director, AIRSTOP.CZ, s.r.o.

“We have been cooperating with TaxVision for more than 10 years. We have always been satisfied. They have been very helpful to us even during the difficult times of the Covid-19 crisis.”

Ing. Tomáš Kratochvíle

Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Inkosas a.s.

“I like to build on a long-term successful cooperation, and this is also the case with our partner, TaxVision s.r.o., in the accounting and tax area.”

ing. Ferdinand Halbich

Partner, GAVLAS, spol. s r.o.

“We have been cooperating with TaxVision for over 10 years. We have always been fully satisfied with the expertise, speed of cooperation and helpful attitude of the employees and the management of the company.”

Jiří Gajdošík

Executive Director, Asten Hotels s.r.o.

“TaxVision s.r.o. has been our partner since the very beginning of our company’s operation, i.e. since 2012. That in itself speaks volumes. The comprehensiveness, quality and timeliness of services are essential to us. And we have all of that with TaxVision.”

Jan Filip


“I chose TaxVision seven years ago in the early days of my business activities as a partner for tax matters and throughout the changes and growth of the business there was no doubt that it was a good choice. The dealings are friendly, reliable, and professional. I have no reason to switch.”

Tomáš Dosoudil

Member of the Board of Directors, Bridge Publishing House SE

“We have been very satisfied with TaxVision as the supplier of accounting and consultancy services for a long time. The online cooperation works very well, we have access to the accounting software in which we keep records of our warehouses, issue invoices, etc. Furthermore, we are comfortable with long-term cooperation with one particular person who knows our company and there is no need to explain things to him/her repeatedly. We also value the quality of their consultancy services.”

Mgr. Renata Hyspecká

Management Assistant, P-SPRÁVA s.r.o.

“As a representative of WOLF Investments s.r.o., I have a great appreciation for the people at TaxVision. We have been working together for more than 15 years and they have done a precise job since the beginning of our cooperation. TaxVision handles our accounting and payroll for us. As the partners are foreign persons, a number of related tax issues often arise. All of this has been dealt with by the people from TaxVision for a long time to our full satisfaction.”