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Payroll management - more information

We take care of all legal obligations related to payroll agenda

  • payroll sheet management
  • processing of personal records for pension insurance
  • processing of monthly reports for the Social Security Administration (SSA) and health insurance companies
  • employee registration or deregistration
  • withholding tax settlement
  • settlement of personal income tax from employment
  • processing of a wage garnishment order

For all types of employment relationships

  • main or secondary employment relationship
  • agreement to perform work
  • agreement to complete a job

Remuneration according to the Commercial Code

  • remuneration of the Executive Director
  • remuneration of members of the governing bodies (Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, bodies of a cooperative)

We will prepare for you

  • bank transfer order and its entry for payment
  • payslips (electronic, regular) and their distribution
  • payroll recapitulation and any reports according to your needs

We provide payroll management for both small and large organizations. We will perform all legal obligations related to payroll processing for you, including other additional services. We only need basic information from you to process your payroll agenda, everything else you can leave to us.

We provide complex activities from payroll processing, employee registration or deregistration, through preparation and distribution of payslips (also directly to employees), issuing bank orders up to the settlement of income tax or withholding tax.

Direct representation of clients in communication with the authorities is also a matter of course. Based on powers of attorney granted, we will take over dealings with the Social Security Administration, health insurance companies and the Tax Authority on your behalf.

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