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We take care of all legal payroll duties:
  • payroll management
  • processing of pension insurance records
  • processing monthly reports for SSZ and health insurance companies
  • employee sign-in and sign-out
  • withholding tax settlement
  • settlement of income tax on the income of FOs from dependent activities
  • processing of wage execution orders

For all types of employment relationships:
  • main or secondary employment
  • employment agreement
  • agreement for the performance of work

Remuneration according to the Commercial Code
  • executive remuneration
  • remuneration of members of statutory bodies (board of directors, supervisory board, cooperative bodies)

We will prepare for you:
  • transfer order for the bank and its assignment for payment
  • pay slips (electronic, regular) and their distribution
  • salary recapitulations and any reports according to your needs
We provide payroll management for small and large organizations. We will perform all legal obligations related to payroll processing for you, including other additional services. All we need from you is the basic information for payroll processing, everything else you can leave to us.
We will take care of complex activities ranging from payroll processing, employee registration or deregistration, preparing and sending pay slips (also directly to employees), issuing bank orders to income tax or withholding tax settlement.
Of course, we also directly represent clients in communication with the authorities. On the basis of granted powers of attorney, we take over negotiations with the Social Security Administration, health insurance companies and the Tax Office.