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Accounting Services:
  • posting of primary documents preparation of internal documents required for proper bookkeeping
  • checking of records already made, methodological guidance
  • preparation of monthly accounts
  • preparation of VAT documents and processing of VAT returns
  • preparation of tax and statistical reports in accordance with Czech laws and decrees
  • annual closing of accounts including documentary inventories
  • translation of financial statements according to IFRS and US GAAP
  • centre accounting, contract management
  • consolidated financial statements and closures
  • preparation for audit
  • review and reconstruction of accounting
  • winding up and liquidation of the company

  • Accounting consultancy:

  • organisation of the preparation of accounts
  • setting up rules and drawing up directives
  • preparation of tax and accounting depreciation schedules
  • preparation of the chart of accounts and the opening balance of accounts
  • establishing procedures for the introduction of operational records
  • ongoing control of the accounts
  • preparation of IFRS and US GAAP statements
  • internal reporting, organisation of inventory work, etc.
Our accounting services consist not only in posting documents at the required intervals, but above all in providing comprehensive services leading to the prosperity of your business. We ensure flawless compliance with the Accounting Act and all tax laws. Based on the customer's request, we maintain the accounts contractually in our office or at the customer's premises. We can partially or fully take over the responsibility for bookkeeping and ensure that this task is performed efficiently using the appropriate combination of human resources, expertise and technical equipment. We can prepare consolidated and IFRS or US GAAP financial statements, reporting to parent companies or supporting documents for credit applications, and we can also arrange accounting audits. The processing of the accounting agenda is regularly audited by a tax advisor. Online access to the accounting system at any time and from anywhere is convenient and highly secure. A data sharing system via remote access allows our clients to have continuous access to up-to-date data.